I’m quite a fan of our wedding planning folder.


It has all our to-do lists, budget outlines, spending records, lot of pictur, ideas, etc.


I love making lists; writing out everything that needs to be done, knowing it’s all down on paper so I can’t forget, the satisfaction of crossing things off when they are completed.

Anytime I have moments of panic about the wedding, I have a flip through the folder and reassure myself that everything is on track.

But I wonder if I am getting a little too caught up in all this.

Have I been neglecting my relationship with Blake to make room for all this planning?

It feels like every time I see him now, I have something “wedding-y” to tell him. Some detail that needs confirming. Some question that needs to be discussed.

It’s not all we talk about, but it does enter every conversation.

I need to be this committed and serious about planning our marriage and, particularly, what it will mean for me to become a wife.

Wouldn’t it be a great investment if I had a folder for “marriage planning”; I could make lists of my personal growth areas, lists of steps I’m going to take to grow, a list of helpful Bible references, ways I can be helpful to Blake in a day-to-day sense.

That would be something which holds value beyond the wedding day.