We started looking at Titus (chapter 1) at God in the Loft today, which was somewhat about the qualities required in church leaders.

It got me thinking a bit about what I tend to look for in a church leader. I think we are all naturally drawn to the more charismatic types of leaders. They know how to speak well and they are easy to listen to.

I have heard people comment often that someone is unfit to be a pastor if they can’t speak in an engaging manner. I always agreed.

But today I was reflecting a bit more on some of my favourite preachers, who I almost discredited to begin with because they aren’t all that impressive in person. (I won’t name them because I don’t think anyone wants to be known as “unimpressive”, but just to clarify, I’m not talking about the preachers at my church.)

They weren’t charismatic and they didn’t have engaging voices.

However, over time I have come to respect and admire them because they teach the solid truth and their lives reflect Christ. These men are some of my favourite preachers now because, although they don’t wow me with their amazing public speaking skills, I can rely on them to preach the gospel and to live lives of integrity that demonstrate that gospel.

I am reminded that some people thought Paul was pretty unimpressive in person, and he himself acknowledged that he was not a good speaker by worldly standards. What made him such an effective minister of Christ was that everything he taught was based on the gospel.

So I’m wondering if sometimes we hold unrealistic expectations of our church leaders. I think we would do well to patiently listen to them and see if what they are teaching is the gospel, rather than putting so much weight on their preaching style.