Lately God has really been driving home to me the point that I need to love others out of obedience to him.

I tend more towards the selfish, “rewards-based” kind of love. That is, I’m more likely to be loving when I am being loved by others.

It sounds logical. It sounds fair. And it is both of those, but it’s not right.

What happens is that I end up on a roller-coaster, going up and down depending on how others treat me.

I’ve particularly seen this in my relationship with Blake lately. He will be his normal, wonderful self and we have a great time together. I treat him well for a while, riding on that high. But then as soon as he gets a bit worn out (you know, like humans do) and misses a beat, I suddenly withdraw my affections.

I can’t keep going like this. It’s not kind to Blake, and it’s certainly not acknowledging God’s constant, unwavering love in my life.

In all my relationships, I need to treat others well out of love for and obedience to God, not out of some vain expectation that they will treat me well back.