I can’t even remember exactly how the conversation started.

I think someone in my Media Law class made a flippant comment about a father/daughter couple who had appeared on 60 minutes a while ago.

Amid the class’s eruption of laughter (over the sheer irrelevance of the comment), our tutor spoke: “But what’s so wrong with that anyway?”

More laughter.

He continued, “Really, if they are both consenting adults, is there anything wrong with that?”

He had everyone’s attention now.

“That’s just yuck,” someone called out.

The classroom murmured in agreement.

“But what makes it yuck?” he persisted.

“Well… it’s just not right… there’s a high chance their kids will be deformed,” another person offered.

“No more of a chance than the 35 year-old women we allow to undergo fertility treatments. Should we stop them having kids?” he said.

“But it’s just gross!”

The students protested more loudly now, scoffing at the wild suggestions our tutor was making.

“Are you actually trying to justify incest?” one girl asked incredulously.

“I’m just trying to challenge you all to think about why we consider things wrong. If you take away the biological reason, you only really have the yuck factor left, and that’s not enough to base law on,” he argued.

Students still took their turns speaking up, but it all came back to the “yuck factor”. No one could give any reason beyond that for why it would be wrong.

Then our tutor’s real agenda emerged: “After all,” he said, “you have to remember that homosexuality was once considered ‘yuck’.”

I saw it coming.

Did I mention our tutor is gay? And quite outspokenly so. Everything comes back to this issue. In every class, gay rights are on the agenda.

But I didn’t imagine before that he would take it this far.

I mean, I had heard the warnings from Christians that today we’re seeing homosexuality accepted, and down the track it will be incest, and then peadophilia.

But that was just fear-mongering, right? Those crazy Christians just looking for another reason to pull down the gay agenda?

The truth is, the “yuck factor” is not enough to base laws on (nor is it an adequate response from Christians). If we don’t base our morality on the Bible, then we can justify anything.

But it’s not like this is anything new…

Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. Romans 1:28