Have you ever seen on the news when someone catches a huge shark, and they cut it open to see what it has eaten?

I was always fascinated at some of the crazy things inside the shark; barbie dolls, fishing tackle, life jackets, etc. These were things a shark should not have been eating. They weren’t healthy.

In some ways, I feel like those sharks when I consume things (thoughts, ideas, images) from the media that aren’t healthy for me.

I’m naive if I think these things won’t affect me. If my mind is not made up of what I put into it, then what is it made up of?

I’ve felt particularly convicted lately to stop watching so many chick flicks. They just give me false ideas about romance and life.

Even if I consciously ignore the relationship lies, I find that I come out of them feeling like I am the perfect woman; that I deserve a perfect man. I want to be the beautiful heroine who prances around in gorgeous outfits and has no serious character flaws.

But that is not reality. I am not perfect, as I am so wonderfully reminded every time I try to criticise someone else.

So, for a while, I think I’m gonna stop watching a lot of these movies. They just aren’t helpful. This is not out of legalism or a desire to be strictly religious, but out of the undeniable fact that what I watch on TV, or listen to on the radio, or read in a magazine ultimately affects the way I think and live.